Breviin Revolutionary Armed forces for Liberation

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4rth BG

Breviin Armed forces are part of the Krath Dynasty and Conform the 4th BG of the 2nd Fleet.

Supreme commander of the BRAFL

The BRAFL are under the direction of the  supreme commander Marcus.

Marcus is the leader and the voice of the Breviin revolution, his true identity is confidential.

Only a few and true revolutionaries know him and have seen his face. Marcus himself has claimed that he will reveal his true identity to the galaxy when the time comes.

(One of the few known pictures of Marcus...).

BRAFL is conformed by fierce and skilled Mandalorians with the most advanced technology and Combat Techniques.

Special Units are trained constantly and deployed in the many conflicts throughout the galaxy in support of the krath Dynasty, the Galactic alliance, and against any oppressive forces.

Special Units:

Mandalorians Equipped and trained for special missions in any terrain.

Equiped with vehicles and weapons for any task.

Main Forces:

Mandalorian warriors and clones trained for conventional warfare combat.

Firepower and advanced combat techniques are their main features.

[BVN] senaar 
The Breviin Senaar is a relic as well as a symbol of Breviins might, it still has the old death watch insignia as this ship has been with Breviin since they conformed the Death Watch some time ago.
It has now been present in many  Combat and hunting operations, including the battle against the First Sun and the Galactic Empire.

Breviin Crusaders

Crusaders are in charge of intelligence and counter intelligence operations such as espionage, infiltration, sabotage, etc