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A Fishful of Dollars [GNS Y15 D193]

Posted by Peter Max on June 11, 2014 at 12:25 AM

Posted by: Zeff Traner - Faction: Tresario Star Kingdom

Date: Year 15 Day 193 Onboard the Interdictor-class Heavy Cruiser TMS Wrack in system n/a (328, 238).


FORSCAN - The Tresarian Crown issued a press release today regarding an unsuccessful operation aimed at capturing a pack of violent criminals associated with the Galactic Alliance in the employ of the Krath Dynasty.

The release included details recently declassified by the Tresarian Bureau of Intelligence regarding a long-term attempt to capture Peter Max, leader of the criminal organization Breviin Crusaders.

The report stated that an operation was launched to capture Peter Max when one of his agents, Xavier De`Kal, was caught within Tresarian borders on an intelligence gathering operation. However, before he was able to face Tresarian justice, De`Kal committed suicide while in transit to a holding facility. Max then approached Tresario regarding his agent's death. He confessed his beliefs in the short comings of his employers and their recent truce with Mandalore, which he despised.

Following this exchange TBI put into motion a plan to gather intelligence and eventually lure Max and his associates into Tresarian space to be arrested for crimes against the Crown.

Unfortunately, it was soon apparent that both sides had been playing one another. In order lure Max to Tresarian space, the Breviin Crusaders were paid a moderate sum for intelligence that was credible but very outdated. The intelligence also included information on a mole Krath had in Tresario, Lieutenant Jenfaa Gaah, who had been a long serving loyal citizen. These accusations were quickly found to be entirely false. TBI decided to use this falsehood as a way to lure the Crusaders into a false sense of security. Unfortunately, before the operation could come to fruition the Crusaders fled Tresarian space with the credits that had been given, hailing every ship with tales of their triumph during their exit.

When asked about this failed operation Minister of Military Operations Alto Rexar made this statement, "When planning intelligence operations they don't always pan out the way you hoped they would and that was the case this time. The Crusaders will attempt to make to make this sound as some grand stroke against us. This is simply not the case. We will continue to be vigilant against all threats. Further details will be provided as they are declassified."

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