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Breviin asault on the Tresario Star Kingdom

Posted by Peter Max on June 11, 2014 at 12:30 AM

[The current Transmission gets interrupted, switching to the image of a Mandalorian in black commando armour. He stands in front a banner showing the sigil of Aliit Breviin, a Mandalorian clan associated with the Krath Alliance]

Greetings, peoples of the galaxy, I am Marcus. My mission is to provide truth, give hope to the oppressed of the Imperial Union and provide a reason for them to hope for liberty. I have been forced to hack this communications service in order to bring a message unadulterated by Imperial censorship.

The peoples of the galaxy are not alone in their struggle for freedom, Aliit Breviin stands with all who seek liberation. Recently, in a joint operation by the Ori'Ramikade, an elite Mandalorian unit inside the Krath Alliance, we have struck a blow against the Tresario Star Kingdom and proven their leader to be naive and negligent.

Orchestrated by the Sword of Krath, Aliit'buir Peter Max of Breviin and myself, we have made fools of 'King' Jude Vatz as we persuaded him to hand over hundreds of millions of credits along with a Modular Taskforce Cruiser in exchange for out of date intelligence and falsified documents.

Furthermore, a team of revolutionaries have compromised the Tresarian Holonet and have acquired important information. I, Marcus, have taken a special interest and as our team exfiltrates over the coming days we intend to take all that we can to further strengthen our cause. Finally, what may seem most galling is that as part of this operation, we successfully convince King Vatz to start an internal witch hunt for traitors and spies while framing their most competent members. At least one faithful individual has a warrant issued for their arrest and has gone to ground before a sham trial and execution was issued.

In a post operation report to me, Allit'buir Max said "Our revolution is not for sale, we must return to our ancient roots as the Imperial Union is a growing threat for our people. Sooner or later they will turn against Manda'yaim (Mandalore), this is why we must act now to prevent a greater war. During this operation we acquired vital intelligence that proved this. Mandalorians need to unite and face this threat as soon as possible. When tyranny rules revolution is needed to bring order!"

The Sword of Krath, Grev'endar'togl, was "pleased with the results, they show the desperation of Imperial Union and the lack of trust inherent among its senior officers. Hearing of Union attack plans against Mandalore from King Vatz was vital for future plans. The Krath Alliance (and more specifically the Ori'Ramikade) have struck a blow for freedom today."

I also received a report from Akaan'buir Roruk Drei who officially announced his retirement from active service at the conclusion of this operation. He stated to me that"The time has come to take a step back and allow the young blood of the revolution to take the place of this old bith. I am glad I had the opportunity to take one last stand against the Imperial Union in defiance as a part of this operation."

Marcus is a name I made for myself. I am a patriot of my world and my people. I am not 'Galactic Alliance' nor 'Imperial Union', though I have been in both over my time. I look past borders and seek only peace for my people, a path that brought me to face our current foes. Manda'yaim WILL have peace and I will not rest until it happens, the Extolled shall rise.



[The transmission ends and returns to its standard programme]


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