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Journal of Ruusaan be Breviin

Posted by Peter Max on December 29, 2013 at 12:20 AM

Shiko’s attention was caught by the screens of his PES [SM] A'den Carud. Red alerts flashed across with details of a newly discovered system of Prindaar. The Krath Dynasty was put on top priority orders to head to the system if under a seven day jump.After a quick calculation Shiko had realized he was only a days travel from the system. It could mean he would be one of a handful who could lay claim to parts of the planets there. This would bring great honor to Aliit Brevin and increase our presence in the galaxy. He typed in the coordinates and jumped into hyper. Within twenty four hours Shiko was nearing the system of Prindaar, and had received order to proceed to Antar, it appears that almost all of the planet lay waiting to be claimed. Nearing the planet he began preliminary scans of the planet only to find only one other ship was planetside. Clearing with Allit Breviin and The Krath Dynasty he began to scan the planet and begin setting up fortifications for the upcoming race to claim the planet. After securing as much lands as he was able he decided to explore some of the nearby planets and moons. When he hand landed on the Dead Moon of Antar Shiko had discovered an old encampment that looked to be hundreds if not thousands of years old. He searched the scraps and discovered a journal almost completely covered by dirt. He picked it up only to notice a crude version of the symbol he wore on his own shoulder. The symbol of Aliit Breviin had found its way to this dust bowl Shiko had thought, so he went back into his ship to examine what he had found. After leaving the planet and setting hyper for his home front he sat down and opened the book to read its contents.


Mechanical failure of our ship has lead us to landing on this cursed moon. My name is Ruusaan, a name that was given to me by my buir when i was adopted. We had left our home world of Mandalore in exile, fleeing inevitable death from a war we had lost. Only six of us were in this ship, and already our stockpiles look like they might not last us long enough to receive aid or to fix our ship. For all we know we may be the last six of our aliit, a family of Mando’ade known as Breviin. We had lost a war with the very Mand’alor we had once followed into battle. A corrupt leadership oppressing our people to be servants instead of the warriors we deserved to be all because of jealousy and fear. So now with all but us and maybe a few others who may have escaped we try to preserve our culture, our beliefs and most of all our spirit.


One Week In;


We have searched our surrounding area only to find almost nothing, this slab of rock has nothing to sustain any kind of life on it. I feel more and more sure that we will not make it off of this rock, we only have one more week of supplies left and unless someone discovers us we are stranded here. We are unable to fix our ship so I can do little but see the worst in our future. I feel a sense of self preservation to write who I am, what I stand for and the dreams I once thought to live. So here I go, I am one of the Mando’ade who were adopted into the culture and into the family. I was only six or seven when my buir found me huddling in a ragged box i called home. He took me in and raised me as his own, and taught me what is was to be Mando’ade. How to follow the Resol’nare and to live by its tenets. Then most of all what it meant to be a Breviin, a word that has been lost to the tongue of the Mando’ade and only thought of as the name of our aliit. For Breviin means freedom, something that many of our culture know little about. Till our last breathe we choose to remain free to our convictions then to be oppressed and controlled by a leader we cannot follow. This is why we rose up and opposed the Mand’alor, he sought to control us. Aliit Breviin was founded by Tracyn Max, and through his guidance we quickly grew. We earned the respect of our fellow aliit, and soon brought honor to all the Mando’ade which victories in battle. The current Mand’alor feared that we were gaining too much power and that Tracyn Max would challenge him, so he tried to deny us the honor that came so natural. He employed us to be laborers, and when finally he called Tracyn a aruteii and claimed he was enforcing his own Resol’nare we rose against him. Instead of facing Tracyn himself he ordered the other aliit to slaughter us and cast us as dar’manda. We fought long and hard against our brothers, and soon were were overwhelmed. Most of us died in one last stand, yet a few small groups choose to flee to carry on our aliit.


Two Weeks;


I have little left to say, much less the motivation to write it. My vod and I will not make it off this planet so I ask the finder of this journal to search out the symbol on this cover and to deliver it to the those I call family, the Aliit Breviin. We must pass on our knowledge of Breviin, of our tactics and our training. Most of all a reminder that there are those who will crush and idea or a belief, but as long as those people exist so will Breviin and our fight for freedom. I want to leave you with the story of the man i called my buir, who above all may be the only reason why were even prepared to fight against our fellow Mando’ade. Sushir Suvarir was my buir, and for as long as i had known had been one of Tracyn’s closest confidants. He had a knack for overhearing conversations, and most of all how to read peoples true intentions. He worked as a servant close to the Mand’alor inner circle. He had relayed information to Tracyn for years and had lead to Breviin finally speaking out against the Mand’alor and his government. He was the spy for Aliit Breviin, and the one who heard a few words that would tell of the upcoming slaughter that would ensue. As he sent off his message he was discovered at the comlink, and would be slaughtered on the spot. Sushir Suvarir be Breviin, is a name whom I hold dear. I hope that those who find my journal will come to revere him as possibly the savior of the Aliit Breviin.

By Shiko Miru

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