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Breviin's Accomplishments in the Derra Outbreak

Posted by Peter Max on March 25, 2013 at 5:35 PM

On Year 14 Day 1, a massive outbreak of a virus broke out in the Derra System, causing the inhabitants to become increasingly violent. The Breviin Militia was called to assist the Krath in not only quarantining the virus, but also to help rid the galaxy of a tyrannical mercenary group called First Sun. During this short war, the leaders of Breviin and some of its new recruits fought valiantly to accomplish these tasks. The most notable member of this operation is Aliit’buir Peter Max, who was able to make one hundred and fifty-one kills. Of these kills, more than half of them were First Sun officers trying to hold the planet Derra IV under their control. Other feats include the team efforts of Aliit’alor Xer`da Arman`de and Bajur’buir Morth Castul in a sweep through the planet’s capital, clearing out the enemy droids throughout it. Akaan’buir Roruk Drei and his sons were able to make several kills as well.


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