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Ke'gyce be Breviin

Posted by Peter Max on March 25, 2013 at 4:00 PM

The Breviin are an offshoot branch of Mandalorians that had their main development during the Mandalorian Civil War that was started by Grevendar Togl and Tyr DeMeer. During this time, the Breviin had much contact with the Order of Krath, and this contact eventually led to the foundation of Breviin's religion, the Ke'gyce be Breviin.


Followers of Ke'gyce be Breviin is the belief that while Lady Krath is a goddess, there is also the theory that the Force-sensitive founder of Breviin, Tracyn Max, was able to find immortality through different means. As immortals, Lady Krath and Lord Breviin (the name taken by Tracyn Max shortly after becoming immortal) chose both the Order of Krath and the Ke'gyce as their chosen people, and that they would give glory and honor to these two groups.


The members of the Ke'gyce be Breviin also believe that ultimately Lord Breviin is the one who chooses the Aliit'buir of Breviin.


The Ke'gyce be Breviin is led by the Aliit'alor, who serves also as the Head Priest.

Expectations of a Priest

When Lord Breviin allows the Head Priest to choose new acolytes, he chooses carefully. If you are lucky enough to be chosen as an acolyte, you must follow a set of rules set by Lord Breviin. They are as following:


1. You must profess your faith with the chant given by Lord Breviin many years ago.

2. You must speak only in the native tongue of Lord Breviin. (RP only)

3. You must follow the orders of the Aliit’alor and Aliit’buir to the finest of your ability.

4. You must bring honor in Lord Breviin’s name.

5. You must bring cultural wealth to the clan as often as you can.


by Aliit'alor Xer`da Arman`de


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