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Naast be Breviin

Posted by Peter Max on December 28, 2012 at 11:50 PM

The Naast be Breviin is a trial created by 3 ancient warriors that served as commanders of Tracyn Max´s army in the old wars.

Their names were Fenri Tobbi, Demagol Wenno and Atin Neth, two of them died in the Talyc battle but one of them survived, Atin Neth led the survivors and went to exile, he was proclaimed allitbuir of that time and taught the trials and customs of the Breviin to the survivors.

He taught the existence of the Naast be Breviin trial that was created by him and his vode Fenri and Demagol.

“To become a Breviin Naast one must prove to be a great warrior and kill his enemies in battle”

This teachings were past on to the following generations who kept it alive and recorded it in books and scriptures.

After the Re unification of the clan, the trial has reborn and many new Naast be Breviin have risen.


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