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Kyramud be aru'e ancient hunter trial

Posted by Peter Max on December 22, 2012 at 2:15 PM

It is  trial that was created by an ancient warrior Atin Neth, he was a warrior of Tracyn Max´s army that fought the Mand'alor during the mandalorian civil war.

There is an ancient tale and it is believed that it was written by Atin Neth when he met Tracyn in a battle , researches and historians have established that Atin was seriously injured in a battle against the Mand´alor forces, he was leading a small rebel group of breviin hunters when the clan was not united. Tracyn Max who was recently proclaimed allitbuir of the clan was in the task of uniting the clan, he and his forces went to battle to help Atin Neth, and that is how they met.

Atin Neth then became one of Tracyn commanders and part of his special forces.

Atin Neth survived the civil war and went to exile, a sword and a few books that were believed to belong to him were found close to Tatooine by Breviin hunters.


One of those books contained the ancient tale mentioned before:

"They say that being near the end of his journey,

he saw a silhouette of a man in shining armor,

he did not see his face but his voice announced

I am the me'suum'ika Knight and I came for you


Everything that begins has an end and it is the reason of life

All that has been learned of friendship and love in your soul remain

It is done and now my kingdom waits for you sleep, sleep

it is time to return,


They say that when you just cant continue and you see your forces marching

There’s something magical inside of you that gives you wings to fight

have never seen his face but his voice announced

I am the me'suum'ika Knight and it's time to rest

It is done and now my kingdom awaits for you !

It is time to take the road towards the light, towards the temple of Ret'urcye mhi"


And also a trial that he made for his warriors was explained in these books:

“in order to become a great hunter one must take down enemies stronger than oneself.

A Breviin hunter must kill a colossal creature to become a real hunter”


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