Breviin Revolutionary Armed forces for Liberation

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Public Statement from Supreme commander Marcus

Posted by Peter Max on December 21, 2013 at 5:00 PM Comments comments (0)

[The current Transmission gets interrupted and the dark figure of a Mandalorian appears]

Greetings, peoples of the galaxy, my name is Marcus; my mission is to provide the truth, give hope to those who are trampled daily by the imperial powers, challenge those who oppress us, and bring relief to the oppressed


Brothers you are not alone in this struggle, this struggle for freedom.

We have used this means of communication to bring a message, a message for you oppressed peoples, and also for you leaders of the imperial Union.

The peoples of the galaxy are not alone, whom you imperial Union call “the rebels” and who we call revolutionaries are not alone in their struggle, the Breviin revolutionary armed forces for Liberation are with you.

I would like to quote Peter Max Aliit'buir of Clan Breviin in his own words of his speech during the second declaration of the Breviin revolution nine days ago:

“Today we say: We will not surrender!

Not only those carrying swords dripping with blood and fire shooting rays of military glory, are the chosen to decide the faith of the galaxy.

That right belongs to the people, the poor, and the oppressed, of who are identified with the ideals of the revolution and that have fought despotism that auger their lives.

Because not only by firing missiles in the battlefield tyrannies are swept, also by throwing ideas of redemption, freedom phrases and terrible anathemas against the torturers of the people. Dictatorships and empires crumble.”

That day Breviin celebrated the declaration of its revolution for the second time, the full document can be found in Breviin channels and it is available for the public.


The declaration of the revolution is an official document that outlines our stance in the galactic conflicts, same of our recent history and our demands to the Imperial Union, we also respond in advance to any threats or demands that the Imperial Union or Criminal organizations may have on our revolution; it’s a fun and interesting read, but anyways…


Now if you wonder by what right does these Mandalorians claim revolution, according to which law do they revolt? I would say the only genuine and true right, the right for dignity!


As for me, Marcus is not my real name, a code name; I am not who you may think I am you will know more from me soon…