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Breviin asault on the Tresario Star Kingdom

Posted by Peter Max on June 11, 2014 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

[The current Transmission gets interrupted, switching to the image of a Mandalorian in black commando armour. He stands in front a banner showing the sigil of Aliit Breviin, a Mandalorian clan associated with the Krath Alliance]

Greetings, peoples of the galaxy, I am Marcus. My mission is to provide truth, give hope to the oppressed of the Imperial Union and provide a reason for them to hope for liberty. I have been forced to hack this communications service in order to bring a message unadulterated by Imperial censorship.

The peoples of the galaxy are not alone in their struggle for freedom, Aliit Breviin stands with all who seek liberation. Recently, in a joint operation by the Ori'Ramikade, an elite Mandalorian unit inside the Krath Alliance, we have struck a blow against the Tresario Star Kingdom and proven their leader to be naive and negligent.

Orchestrated by the Sword of Krath, Aliit'buir Peter Max of Breviin and myself, we have made fools of 'King' Jude Vatz as we persuaded him to hand over hundreds of millions of credits along with a Modular Taskforce Cruiser in exchange for out of date intelligence and falsified documents.

Furthermore, a team of revolutionaries have compromised the Tresarian Holonet and have acquired important information. I, Marcus, have taken a special interest and as our team exfiltrates over the coming days we intend to take all that we can to further strengthen our cause. Finally, what may seem most galling is that as part of this operation, we successfully convince King Vatz to start an internal witch hunt for traitors and spies while framing their most competent members. At least one faithful individual has a warrant issued for their arrest and has gone to ground before a sham trial and execution was issued.

In a post operation report to me, Allit'buir Max said "Our revolution is not for sale, we must return to our ancient roots as the Imperial Union is a growing threat for our people. Sooner or later they will turn against Manda'yaim (Mandalore), this is why we must act now to prevent a greater war. During this operation we acquired vital intelligence that proved this. Mandalorians need to unite and face this threat as soon as possible. When tyranny rules revolution is needed to bring order!"

The Sword of Krath, Grev'endar'togl, was "pleased with the results, they show the desperation of Imperial Union and the lack of trust inherent among its senior officers. Hearing of Union attack plans against Mandalore from King Vatz was vital for future plans. The Krath Alliance (and more specifically the Ori'Ramikade) have struck a blow for freedom today."

I also received a report from Akaan'buir Roruk Drei who officially announced his retirement from active service at the conclusion of this operation. He stated to me that"The time has come to take a step back and allow the young blood of the revolution to take the place of this old bith. I am glad I had the opportunity to take one last stand against the Imperial Union in defiance as a part of this operation."

Marcus is a name I made for myself. I am a patriot of my world and my people. I am not 'Galactic Alliance' nor 'Imperial Union', though I have been in both over my time. I look past borders and seek only peace for my people, a path that brought me to face our current foes. Manda'yaim WILL have peace and I will not rest until it happens, the Extolled shall rise.



[The transmission ends and returns to its standard programme]


A Fishful of Dollars [GNS Y15 D193]

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Posted by: Zeff Traner - Faction: Tresario Star Kingdom

Date: Year 15 Day 193 Onboard the Interdictor-class Heavy Cruiser TMS Wrack in system n/a (328, 238).


FORSCAN - The Tresarian Crown issued a press release today regarding an unsuccessful operation aimed at capturing a pack of violent criminals associated with the Galactic Alliance in the employ of the Krath Dynasty.

The release included details recently declassified by the Tresarian Bureau of Intelligence regarding a long-term attempt to capture Peter Max, leader of the criminal organization Breviin Crusaders.

The report stated that an operation was launched to capture Peter Max when one of his agents, Xavier De`Kal, was caught within Tresarian borders on an intelligence gathering operation. However, before he was able to face Tresarian justice, De`Kal committed suicide while in transit to a holding facility. Max then approached Tresario regarding his agent's death. He confessed his beliefs in the short comings of his employers and their recent truce with Mandalore, which he despised.

Following this exchange TBI put into motion a plan to gather intelligence and eventually lure Max and his associates into Tresarian space to be arrested for crimes against the Crown.

Unfortunately, it was soon apparent that both sides had been playing one another. In order lure Max to Tresarian space, the Breviin Crusaders were paid a moderate sum for intelligence that was credible but very outdated. The intelligence also included information on a mole Krath had in Tresario, Lieutenant Jenfaa Gaah, who had been a long serving loyal citizen. These accusations were quickly found to be entirely false. TBI decided to use this falsehood as a way to lure the Crusaders into a false sense of security. Unfortunately, before the operation could come to fruition the Crusaders fled Tresarian space with the credits that had been given, hailing every ship with tales of their triumph during their exit.

When asked about this failed operation Minister of Military Operations Alto Rexar made this statement, "When planning intelligence operations they don't always pan out the way you hoped they would and that was the case this time. The Crusaders will attempt to make to make this sound as some grand stroke against us. This is simply not the case. We will continue to be vigilant against all threats. Further details will be provided as they are declassified."

[this post has been copied from the GNS]

Journal of Ruusaan be Breviin

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Shiko’s attention was caught by the screens of his PES [SM] A'den Carud. Red alerts flashed across with details of a newly discovered system of Prindaar. The Krath Dynasty was put on top priority orders to head to the system if under a seven day jump.After a quick calculation Shiko had realized he was only a days travel from the system. It could mean he would be one of a handful who could lay claim to parts of the planets there. This would bring great honor to Aliit Brevin and increase our presence in the galaxy. He typed in the coordinates and jumped into hyper. Within twenty four hours Shiko was nearing the system of Prindaar, and had received order to proceed to Antar, it appears that almost all of the planet lay waiting to be claimed. Nearing the planet he began preliminary scans of the planet only to find only one other ship was planetside. Clearing with Allit Breviin and The Krath Dynasty he began to scan the planet and begin setting up fortifications for the upcoming race to claim the planet. After securing as much lands as he was able he decided to explore some of the nearby planets and moons. When he hand landed on the Dead Moon of Antar Shiko had discovered an old encampment that looked to be hundreds if not thousands of years old. He searched the scraps and discovered a journal almost completely covered by dirt. He picked it up only to notice a crude version of the symbol he wore on his own shoulder. The symbol of Aliit Breviin had found its way to this dust bowl Shiko had thought, so he went back into his ship to examine what he had found. After leaving the planet and setting hyper for his home front he sat down and opened the book to read its contents.


Mechanical failure of our ship has lead us to landing on this cursed moon. My name is Ruusaan, a name that was given to me by my buir when i was adopted. We had left our home world of Mandalore in exile, fleeing inevitable death from a war we had lost. Only six of us were in this ship, and already our stockpiles look like they might not last us long enough to receive aid or to fix our ship. For all we know we may be the last six of our aliit, a family of Mando’ade known as Breviin. We had lost a war with the very Mand’alor we had once followed into battle. A corrupt leadership oppressing our people to be servants instead of the warriors we deserved to be all because of jealousy and fear. So now with all but us and maybe a few others who may have escaped we try to preserve our culture, our beliefs and most of all our spirit.


One Week In;


We have searched our surrounding area only to find almost nothing, this slab of rock has nothing to sustain any kind of life on it. I feel more and more sure that we will not make it off of this rock, we only have one more week of supplies left and unless someone discovers us we are stranded here. We are unable to fix our ship so I can do little but see the worst in our future. I feel a sense of self preservation to write who I am, what I stand for and the dreams I once thought to live. So here I go, I am one of the Mando’ade who were adopted into the culture and into the family. I was only six or seven when my buir found me huddling in a ragged box i called home. He took me in and raised me as his own, and taught me what is was to be Mando’ade. How to follow the Resol’nare and to live by its tenets. Then most of all what it meant to be a Breviin, a word that has been lost to the tongue of the Mando’ade and only thought of as the name of our aliit. For Breviin means freedom, something that many of our culture know little about. Till our last breathe we choose to remain free to our convictions then to be oppressed and controlled by a leader we cannot follow. This is why we rose up and opposed the Mand’alor, he sought to control us. Aliit Breviin was founded by Tracyn Max, and through his guidance we quickly grew. We earned the respect of our fellow aliit, and soon brought honor to all the Mando’ade which victories in battle. The current Mand’alor feared that we were gaining too much power and that Tracyn Max would challenge him, so he tried to deny us the honor that came so natural. He employed us to be laborers, and when finally he called Tracyn a aruteii and claimed he was enforcing his own Resol’nare we rose against him. Instead of facing Tracyn himself he ordered the other aliit to slaughter us and cast us as dar’manda. We fought long and hard against our brothers, and soon were were overwhelmed. Most of us died in one last stand, yet a few small groups choose to flee to carry on our aliit.


Two Weeks;


I have little left to say, much less the motivation to write it. My vod and I will not make it off this planet so I ask the finder of this journal to search out the symbol on this cover and to deliver it to the those I call family, the Aliit Breviin. We must pass on our knowledge of Breviin, of our tactics and our training. Most of all a reminder that there are those who will crush and idea or a belief, but as long as those people exist so will Breviin and our fight for freedom. I want to leave you with the story of the man i called my buir, who above all may be the only reason why were even prepared to fight against our fellow Mando’ade. Sushir Suvarir was my buir, and for as long as i had known had been one of Tracyn’s closest confidants. He had a knack for overhearing conversations, and most of all how to read peoples true intentions. He worked as a servant close to the Mand’alor inner circle. He had relayed information to Tracyn for years and had lead to Breviin finally speaking out against the Mand’alor and his government. He was the spy for Aliit Breviin, and the one who heard a few words that would tell of the upcoming slaughter that would ensue. As he sent off his message he was discovered at the comlink, and would be slaughtered on the spot. Sushir Suvarir be Breviin, is a name whom I hold dear. I hope that those who find my journal will come to revere him as possibly the savior of the Aliit Breviin.

By Shiko Miru

Public Statement from Supreme commander Marcus

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[The current Transmission gets interrupted and the dark figure of a Mandalorian appears]

Greetings, peoples of the galaxy, my name is Marcus; my mission is to provide the truth, give hope to those who are trampled daily by the imperial powers, challenge those who oppress us, and bring relief to the oppressed


Brothers you are not alone in this struggle, this struggle for freedom.

We have used this means of communication to bring a message, a message for you oppressed peoples, and also for you leaders of the imperial Union.

The peoples of the galaxy are not alone, whom you imperial Union call “the rebels” and who we call revolutionaries are not alone in their struggle, the Breviin revolutionary armed forces for Liberation are with you.

I would like to quote Peter Max Aliit'buir of Clan Breviin in his own words of his speech during the second declaration of the Breviin revolution nine days ago:

“Today we say: We will not surrender!

Not only those carrying swords dripping with blood and fire shooting rays of military glory, are the chosen to decide the faith of the galaxy.

That right belongs to the people, the poor, and the oppressed, of who are identified with the ideals of the revolution and that have fought despotism that auger their lives.

Because not only by firing missiles in the battlefield tyrannies are swept, also by throwing ideas of redemption, freedom phrases and terrible anathemas against the torturers of the people. Dictatorships and empires crumble.”

That day Breviin celebrated the declaration of its revolution for the second time, the full document can be found in Breviin channels and it is available for the public.


The declaration of the revolution is an official document that outlines our stance in the galactic conflicts, same of our recent history and our demands to the Imperial Union, we also respond in advance to any threats or demands that the Imperial Union or Criminal organizations may have on our revolution; it’s a fun and interesting read, but anyways…


Now if you wonder by what right does these Mandalorians claim revolution, according to which law do they revolt? I would say the only genuine and true right, the right for dignity!


As for me, Marcus is not my real name, a code name; I am not who you may think I am you will know more from me soon…

Breviin's Accomplishments in the Derra Outbreak

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On Year 14 Day 1, a massive outbreak of a virus broke out in the Derra System, causing the inhabitants to become increasingly violent. The Breviin Militia was called to assist the Krath in not only quarantining the virus, but also to help rid the galaxy of a tyrannical mercenary group called First Sun. During this short war, the leaders of Breviin and some of its new recruits fought valiantly to accomplish these tasks. The most notable member of this operation is Aliit’buir Peter Max, who was able to make one hundred and fifty-one kills. Of these kills, more than half of them were First Sun officers trying to hold the planet Derra IV under their control. Other feats include the team efforts of Aliit’alor Xer`da Arman`de and Bajur’buir Morth Castul in a sweep through the planet’s capital, clearing out the enemy droids throughout it. Akaan’buir Roruk Drei and his sons were able to make several kills as well.


Te Orjorer be Breviin

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The Talyc Battle, or the Bloodstained Battle, is considered to be Breviin’s most devastating loss in the Akaan’at Mav’Breviin, or the War to Free Breviin. In the beginning of said battle, Tracyn Max led his army into the heart of the Mandalorian Army, inspiring his soldiers with this chant:


“We are the fear of governments such as this that lie in the name of truth.

The fear of military, economic and legal environment that prevents human communication from people to people.

We are the fear of the sovereignty of the pirates in the galaxy that maim the mood and prevent revealing emotions.

We are the fear of the power of despots living in impersonal mechanisms.

The fear of bureaucratic structures that discourage exploratory behavior.

The fear of the great fortunes that were stolen from natural rights.

The fear of the power centers that threaten total destruction.

Of these men, “sane” and "practical" who want to make their mark in history and believe only in what they can force and control.

We are the fear of who trains us to be polite when we are trampled by an institution.

The fear of those who fear change, because their status depends on the routine and time of others.

The fear of capricious technologies that require us to value them always adopting its basic assumptions.

We are the oldest fear lurking in every corner of this galaxy and we are delighted, delighted, for we are Breviin!”


With this chant, Max’s army drove towards their fate. WIth this same attitude, we must serve Lord Breviin as best we can. We must serve him first, Lady Krath second, and the Clan third. Remember these words, and serve Lord Breviin faithfully.

Ke'gyce be Breviin

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The Breviin are an offshoot branch of Mandalorians that had their main development during the Mandalorian Civil War that was started by Grevendar Togl and Tyr DeMeer. During this time, the Breviin had much contact with the Order of Krath, and this contact eventually led to the foundation of Breviin's religion, the Ke'gyce be Breviin.


Followers of Ke'gyce be Breviin is the belief that while Lady Krath is a goddess, there is also the theory that the Force-sensitive founder of Breviin, Tracyn Max, was able to find immortality through different means. As immortals, Lady Krath and Lord Breviin (the name taken by Tracyn Max shortly after becoming immortal) chose both the Order of Krath and the Ke'gyce as their chosen people, and that they would give glory and honor to these two groups.


The members of the Ke'gyce be Breviin also believe that ultimately Lord Breviin is the one who chooses the Aliit'buir of Breviin.


The Ke'gyce be Breviin is led by the Aliit'alor, who serves also as the Head Priest.

Expectations of a Priest

When Lord Breviin allows the Head Priest to choose new acolytes, he chooses carefully. If you are lucky enough to be chosen as an acolyte, you must follow a set of rules set by Lord Breviin. They are as following:


1. You must profess your faith with the chant given by Lord Breviin many years ago.

2. You must speak only in the native tongue of Lord Breviin. (RP only)

3. You must follow the orders of the Aliit’alor and Aliit’buir to the finest of your ability.

4. You must bring honor in Lord Breviin’s name.

5. You must bring cultural wealth to the clan as often as you can.


by Aliit'alor Xer`da Arman`de


Lost Holocrons: Fenri Tobbi {Hunter}

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Atin Neth, Fenri Tobbi, and Demagol Wenno. These names traverse the expanse of Breviin’s history, and the legacy of Naast be Breviin remains a tradition true to their names. All three were born into the clan, and few years separated them. They grew together in age, bond, and skill.


A recent covert expedition of Breviin’s historic encampment led to the discovery of several ancient holocrons. This particular holocron documented Fenri Tobbi's life hunting in the jungles of Mandalore.



Protocol Translation: Active


Fenri Tobbi: Age 12



Fenri's father beckoned him near "Olaror, verd'ika" [Come, little soldier]. He was to come of age soon, and he was to be presented with a blade passed through the family for many generations. He would soon be a Mandalorian, not only in name, but in status as well. Fenri Tobbi motioned toward his father confidently, but showing the proper respect for his elder. His father turned to greet his son, and at the same time carefully removed the ceremonial blade from it's sheath by his side. Fenri's father looked at the blade, and simply said "Kahl, aru'e gar bikadinir" [Blade, run through your enemy], and with this, Fenri was bequeathed his first blade.



Fenri Tobbi: Age 15



Senses keen, weapon at the ready, Fenri carefully carved a path through the Jungle with his companion. Lush tropical trees enclosed them as the undergrowth grew thicker with every step. The young Mandalorian caught his trailing foot on a outstretched root and fell helplessly to the ground. "Utreekov!" [Fool!] Atin exclaimed carefully, offering his friend a hand to grasp as he pulled himself back to his feet. They were no more than five hundred yards from the encampment, but the two young Mandalorians were already starting to lose their orientation. "Ke'mot!" [Halt!] Fenri said under his breath - something had caught his eye, not much more than enough to arouse suspicion. Movement, slightly to the right. He motioned for the two of them to pursue the image - it was to be a mistake that would eventually mould the two as warriors.


Swiftly but cautiously, the two gave chase to the figure. With sudden speed, the figure drew a blade and struck Fenri down with the open face as to cause no damage. Atin drew his own blade, but it was unnecessary as the rogue Mandalorian simply said "Vaimpar, evaar'la verda" [Return home, young warriors] before disappearing into the foliage.



Fenri Tobbi: Age 15



The forest was like a second home to Fenri, yet he still found himself engulfed in the lush green abyss. After little under two hours of carving his path, Fenri had arrived at the vast expanse that his father had told him of. Nearly completely circular, and around 100 metres in diameter, the clearing contained several smaller-than-usual Shatual. Fenri eyed the forest surrounding the clearing, and slowly, more hunters became visible. He took out a small knife, and edged closer to a young Shatual no more than a few yards infront of him. Step-by-step, Fenri felt his grip tighten on the tiny knife. This was his first time hunting the great Shatual, and he was eager to impress. Fenri lunged for the beast, but it's keen senses allowed it to detect the young Mandalorian and it bolted toward the center of the clearing. As Fenri got to his feet, he felt his fathers hand on his shoulder "Bajun gar jerkad, ner ad!" [Plan your attack, my son!]




Fenri Tobbi: Age 24



A great war horn reverberated through the Clan encampment, it was accompanied by periodic, ground-shattering thuds. Fenri's heart beated faster as adrenaline coursed through his body. He had heard tales of the Mythosaur, but never had one strayed so close to a Mandalorian encampment. Fenri's father burst into his quarters "Ner ad, hibir gar kad. Mhi akaanir tome!" [My son, take your sword. We fight together!"] and with no hesitation, Fenri leapt to his feet. With little time to prepare, his adrenaline was key in finding the speed to don his armor and weapons.


Over the treeline, the great beast was barely visible. Swaying as it moved closer to the encampment. It's slanted eyes scanned the forest below, the forest in front, and the forest around it. It's long, sharp teeth protruded slightly from it's mouth. Battle cry's rang out, as an organised defense dissipated into the jungle beyond to combat the beast.


Fenri sprinted through the undergrowth. His skills were honed now, and that was evident as he leapt over obstacles with ease. The periodic thudding grew louder and louder as they neared the Mythosaur, and they neared it. Unfaultering, Fenri and his father blended with the hoarde of vode charging the beast. Just infront of them, one of the Mythosaur's giant legs impacted with a tree, sending it hurtling towards the oncoming defenders. Fenri dived to the left, and his father landed just by his side. Urgently getting to their feet, they drew their swords just as several rope darts penetrated one of the beast's legs, and pinned it to the ground. Semi-immobilized, the beast grew enraged and flailed out against the surrounding forest sending various debris flying. The trunk of a tree landed lengthways just meters to the side of Fenri, crushing several fighters.


Fenri's father donned a spear, and swiftly passed in between the beast's front legs, sending the spear hurting towards it's underbelly. Meanwhile, Fenri sliced at it's lower leg in the hope of crippling the beast. It continued to thrash, and stamped one of it's hind legs sending a powerful shockwave across the ground, shaking Fenri to the ground. He landed under one of the Mythosaur's front legs, but rolled to his left just in time to avoid being crushed. The next shockwave sent him hurtling to the side, landing atleast 10 meters away from the beast. The Mythosaur shrieked as Mandalorian hunters hacked at it's legs, it's strength sapping away. Fenri charged back into battle, moving toward the beast's front right leg. Fenri leapt upwards, and grabbed at the leg, and began to ascend. The beast attempted to shake Fenri off, but the young Mandalorian was fearless, and continued - his grasp was strong. He reached the kneecap. The beast raised it's leg to stamp the warriors below, and Fenri lost his grip. He hurtled towards the ground. As he tumbled helplessly, he unsheathed his blade, and plunged it into the Mythosaur's leg as he descended, creating a relatively thin, but long gash and ultimately slowing his fall. As he hit the ground, an immense pounding pain filled his body before he passed out.


Awaking some distance from the battle, the great Mythosaur lay lifeless on the open ground. Fenri was told his father had died a true warrior's death.

"Created by Luther Nightwish"

Naast be Breviin

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The Naast be Breviin is a trial created by 3 ancient warriors that served as commanders of Tracyn Max´s army in the old wars.

Their names were Fenri Tobbi, Demagol Wenno and Atin Neth, two of them died in the Talyc battle but one of them survived, Atin Neth led the survivors and went to exile, he was proclaimed allitbuir of that time and taught the trials and customs of the Breviin to the survivors.

He taught the existence of the Naast be Breviin trial that was created by him and his vode Fenri and Demagol.

“To become a Breviin Naast one must prove to be a great warrior and kill his enemies in battle”

This teachings were past on to the following generations who kept it alive and recorded it in books and scriptures.

After the Re unification of the clan, the trial has reborn and many new Naast be Breviin have risen.


Nuruk Hud and the Klad Talisman

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Rowana Pellegrino was a Duros scout of the planet Duro.

After the news that the klad talisman was stolen from the grave of the ancient king Probos winrel he embarked along with a few soldiers on a quest to retrieve the talisman back to his planet

On one of their missions they found out that the talisman was stolen by a Neimoidian dealer.

Rowana Pellegrino the decided to hire some mercenaries to help him fight the Neimoidians.

He hired group of Mandalorians from the Clan Breviin. They fought together and managed to rescue the talisman; but Rowana after feeling the immense power of the talisman felt tempted to keep it by himself and not to return it to Duros.

The rest of the story is still uncertain no one knows what happened to Rowana Pellegrino and the Talisman