Breviin Revolutionary Armed forces for Liberation

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The death watch was a political movement founded by the leader of clan breviin, with the purpose of opposing Tyr DeMeer and stablish an independent and  autonomous state.

The death watch was dissolved in year 13 since there were previously other Criminal and pirates groups with the same name.

nowadays  breviin has no affiliation with the death watch or any other criminal group.

Current Aliit'Buir: Peter Max
Origin: Unknown, Possibly Tropical Regions of Mandalore
Strengths: Stealth, Intelligence
Distinguishing Features: Custom Armour (Symbolic Decals Added for personality) issued by the Aliit'buir


A smaller clan from the tropical regions of Mandalore. They prefer to have zero direct contact with the outside world. Living in the tropical regions of Mandalore has caused the Breviin to prefer large forests and bodies of water. Breviin are hunters by nature. They pride themselves on taking down the largest target. The Breviin are a hardy people, and while not being physically strong, their intelligence measures at scales rivaling Cereans. They are hunters, but know how to keep themselves healthy. After a millenia of slowly dying out, the clan was thought to no longer exist.


Since the beginning of the clan, the Breviin have suspected they originated in the tropical regions. They keep their records as a closely guarded secret.

Modern History

Re-Founded on Year 13 Day 242/