Breviin Revolutionary Armed forces for Liberation

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We are the fear of governments that lie in the name of truth.

The Fear of military, economic and legal environment that prevents communication from people to people.
We are the fear of the sovereignty of the pirates in the galaxy that maim the mood and prevent revealing emotions.
We are the fear of the power of despots living in impersonal mechanisms.
The fear of bureaucratic structures that discourage exploratory behavior.
The fear of the great fortunes that were stolen from natural rights.
The fear of the power centers that threaten total destruction.
Of these men sane and "practical" who want to make their mark in history and believe only in what they can force and control.
We are the fear of who trains us to be polite when we get trampled by an institution.
The fear of those who fear change, because their status depends on the routine and time of others.
The fear of capricious technologies that require us to value them always adopting its basic assumptions.

We are the oldest fear lurking in every corner of the empire and we are delighted, delighted!

We are Breviin....


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